Brady and Bundchen's Massive Mansion Nearly Complete

Where better to house the combined star power of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, than in their soon-to-be finished 22,000-square-foot monster mansion?

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen
Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen

Well, in this A-list couple's estimation, nowhere -- which is why they began construction on the Brentwood, Calif., home a year and a half ago. And now, the Boston Herald reports, their expansive estate is nearly finished.

The palatial property will include eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a nursery, butler's quarters, and a covered bridge that will connect the two far-reaching wings of the estate. All told, The Boston Herald reports, the project cost an estimated $20 million to build -- and that doesn't include an additional $11 million for the 3.75 acres of pristine Brentwood land they had to purchase.

Just to give readers a sense of scale here, homes in the pricey city of San Francisco average 1,475 square feet, according to real estate records company Property Shark. Brady-Bundchen's home could accommodate nearly 15 San Francisco dwellings, with room enough for a New York closet-apartment.

For an aerial view of the custom-built colossus (the only way to really capture the scope), watch the video below.