More People Like Their Banks Than the Government

Government vs. Banks
Government vs. Banks

Guess who's more hated than banks? The folks in Washington.

Yes, despite the din from the Occupy Wall Street crowd, not everybody dislikes financial institutions -- at least, not their own. A new poll from the staunchly libertarian and conservative Reason Foundation and the similarly aligned Arthur N. Rupe Foundation found that 76% of Americans surveyed have a favorable opinion of their own bank, while just 15% gave it a thumbs down.

%Poll-72188%Uncle Sam, by contrast, gets a big thumbs down. A mere 32% said they have a favorable opinion of the federal government as a whole, and 62% rate it unfavorably.

Congress fares even worse: Some 80% of those surveyed said they disapprove of the job it's doing. And, when asked which outcome they feared more, 54% said they're more worried that the government will do something to make the economy worse, while 40% said they're more worried that the government will fail to take action on the economy.

The president, though, fared somewhat better: 49% of respondents approved of the job Barack Obama is doing in the White House, with 47% disapproving.

So, does this means banks have bragging rights?