FarmVille Animal Feed Mill: Everything you need to know

The next time you login to your game in FarmVille, you will likely be greeted with news of the Animal Feed Mill. No, this isn't the second-coming of the Feed Trough, which many players simply got bored with (to the point that it was removed altogether). Rather, this Animal Feed Mill works in a similar fashion to the Water Wheel, or Winter Water Wheel if you prefer, offering you a chance to harvest Animal Feed from the Mill after it's been built.

Like the Water Wheels, the Feed Mill can be upgraded to give off more and more Animal Feed each time it's harvested, but of course, you'll need to actually build it before you can do anything else. To do that, you'll need to collect three building materials:

  • 6 Scoops

  • 6 Sacks

  • 6 Belts

You'll earn these items by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them outright for Farm Cash. They're new building materials, so it's unlikely Special Delivery Boxes contain them as of this writing, but you can always try it if you've got a lot of extra boxes lying around in your Gift Box.

Once you build a Feed Mill, you'll be able to harvest Animal Feed from it daily. You can immediately start the upgrade process (there are four stages of upgrades in all), with each upgrade requiring more and more building materials. For instance, the first upgrade requires 12 of each building material, rather than six, but the process for earning the parts remains the same.

While this Animal Feed Mill is rather large, if you're one that collects and grows all of the Mystery Babies that you can from friends or even just your own animal storage buildings, you'll be happy to know that you can build a Feed Mill on each of your farms. Of course, you'll need to build them separately (like you may have built individual Crafting Silos), but once you have them all completed, you'll be able to pull in that many more free units of Animal Feed day after day. Just how many Feed Mills you need, however, will be up to you.

Have you started building an Animal Feed Mill on any of your farms? Sound off in the comments.