CityVille Save the Holidays Act 3: Everything you need to know

It's time once again to jump back into CityVille's Save the Holidays event, as Act 3 has started rolling around to users' cities. This third and final act sees you expanding your city even further into "Holiday Town," along with completing a variety of other expected tasks (ask for items from friends, upgrade buildings and so on) to finally help Santa get back on his feet in time to deliver presents for Christmas! Act 3 consists of three goals that can be completed at the same time, so feel free to multi-task as much as your city can allow.

That's the Spirit!

  • Ask friends for 12 Gift Boxes

  • Upgrade Toy Tower to Level 2

  • Complete the 2nd Holiday Town Gate

The 2nd Holiday Town Gate requires you to expand into the themed Christmas squares on the far left side of your city. You'll need to add more citizens to your town, along with collecting more Zoning Permits to expand here as you would into any other expansion. While you're working on that task, you can also ask your friends for the 12 Gift Boxes via a general news post on your wall. Finally, the Toy Tower is a business that has just been given the ability to upgrade with this release and you'll need to supply and collect from the business 100 times in order to reach Level 2. Once you finish this goal, you'll receive an Ice Sculpture Garden, a decoration with a 12% payout bonus.

Jingle Bell Rock!

  • Collect 12 Jingle Bells by harvesting Community Buildings

  • Collect 20 Elf Shoes by harvesting Residences

  • Complete the 3rd and 4th Holiday Town Gate

Here's where things really get complicated. You'll only have a slight chance of receiving both Jingle Bells and Elf Shoes when harvesting their appropriate buildings, but that's actually ok as you'll need all of the time you can get to actually expand two more times into these other sections of Holiday Town. If you can finish this goal, you'll receive 300,000 coins.

Season's Greetings!

  • Ask friends for 25 Holiday Cards

  • Help with 30 Helping Hearts

  • Collect 50 Holiday Spice by harvesting Crops

Again, you won't be guaranteed to receive a Holiday Spice when harvesting crops, so if you want to complete this task quickly, you'll want to continuously plant a crop with a short growth time (just remember to have enough energy on hand to actually harvest them). Meanwhile, the Helping Hearts are those hearts that you can place over your own items if you want your friends to tend or otherwise interact with those on their next visit into your own town. Here, you'll need to visit friends' towns (you can see which friends have hearts available in the friends bar) and then click on those items containing hearts until you've reached the 30 limit. When you finish this goal, you'll earn the Snowman Factory community building, which requires 12 Staff Members to complete and rewards your town with a maximum population boost of 11,500.

Remember, when you finish all three of these goals, you'll receive the Act 3 prize: the House with Too Many Lights. This one offers your town 3,600 - 6,600 citizens and 525 coins in rent every day. Finally, if you finish all nine goals in the entire Save the Holidays event, you'll receive a City Snow Globe, another Community Building of sorts, offering your town's population cap a boost of 2,000 citizens. Of course, actually earning either of these items will require tons of work in a short amount of time. If you go for all of the awards in this feature, we wish you the best of luck!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

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