Sojo Studios partners with Justin Bieber for "social good" Facebook games

Last month, we brought you an in-depth overview of Sojo Studios' WeTopia on Facebook, a game based on the concept of "Play[ing] for Good," where users earn currency called Joy that can be spent on real world charitable projects in both the US and other countries. While the game may not have shown up on everyone's radar just yet, that's likely to change as music phenom Justin Bieber has signed on to provide marketing support for Sojo Studios' lineup of games, starting with WeTopia.

"Playing online games is a lot of fun already, but WeTopia makes it better by helping children around the world. Some of these kids need to go to school or they need clean water," said Bieber in a company release. "I've been so lucky and blessed and that's why I believe so much in giving back, and I know my fans will feel the same way when they play WeTopia."

Combining efforts with the company's first celebrity partner Ellen DeGeneres, Sojo Studios hopes that the reach both entertainers have in their own areas will be enough to inspire fans to take action for great causes within WeTopia (and eventually other games that have yet to be released), such as Save the Children, buildOn and the Children's Health Fund.

"We're thrilled to partner with Justin Bieber, an amazing entertainer and someone who has emerged as one of the most prolific young philanthropists this world has seen," says Lincoln Brown, founder and CEO of Sojo Studios. "Justin is using his voice to inspire millions of fans around the world – including daughters and their moms – to give back. We can't think of a better way to bring the generations together than on WeTopia, which lets players do good while having fun."

Will this turn into a system of themed virtual items, giving Bieber's fans even more incentive to play these Facebook games? That much remains to be seen, but with the ever-increasing power of social media, anything is possible.

Will you play WeTopia because it is now being endorsed by Justin Bieber? Do you need any extra incentive to play a game focused on helping those who otherwise go without? Share your thoughts on this news with us in the comments.

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