CrowdStar's Social Girl: An iOS game that is neither Top Girl nor social

Social GirlConfusing, we know. CrowdStar recently released Social Girl for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. And no, this isn't an update for the developer's existing iOS and Android social game, Top Girl. This is a brand new game challenges players to become to most popular girl in town by making virtual friends and creating the boy toy of their dreams.

How this is any different from previous "Girl" games by CrowdStar, we haven't in the slightest. Nevertheless, Social Girl is the developer's most successful mobile game to date, garnering over 1 million downloads in the past week. Such numbers helped the girly game become the sixth most grossing game on the App Store this week, displacing the almighty Angry Birds.

In Social Girl, players befriend different cliques of up to 25 virtual friends and unlock new and special outfits for unique dates with a boyfriend of their own creation. Still, we're not seeing the differences. At any rate, this take on CrowdStar's successful "Girl" franchise seems to focus far less on social (that's strange) play between friends and more on a self-engineered experience.
Social Girl in action

The game is another phase in CrowdStar's Project Trident, its mission to gain foothold on Facebook, mobile and global platforms. But at first glance, Social Girl doesn't seem to live up to its title: The only remotely social feature found within is Game Center achievements. Perhaps these will come in a future update, but Social Girl could have used a more fitting name.

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