One Oregon Trail withers away while another flourishes [Infographic]

The Oregon Trail American SettlerYou could say that in one parallel universe, The Oregon Trail is a flourishing path to the West. In the other, unfortunately, it's about to be ripped from existence, nothing but a memory. That is, if you're trying to keep canon. As Blue Fang Games's social take on the classic educational PC game is about to shut down, Gameloft's mobile approach seems to be doing just fine.

Gameloft's The Oregon Trail series on iPhone and iPad seems to be doing so well in fact, that The Learning Company and the French mobile game developer have released an infographic touting its many milestones. Since Gameloft released its first entry into the series in 2008 and just recently its sequel, American Settler, The Oregon Trail has been downloaded over 3 million times collectively.

Such numbers have led to 22,184,723 wild animals hunted since launch, with 2,018,209 fish caught. On a rather gross note, over 4 million cases have been diagnosed in the games since launch. The biggest threat to caravans crossing the nation has been stampedes with 816,144 incidents, followed by 732,273 floods, 590,883 fires and more. The most popular item purchased in Gameloft's The Oregon Trail games is none other than the farming plot--go figure. Nearly 2.4 million of the things have been purchased in-game.
Oregon Infographic
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Of course, these numbers dwarf the significant numbers of hardships on the real Oregon Trail . What's even more interesting is how these numbers belittle The Oregon Trail on Facebook, which The Learning Company will shutter come Jan. 6. That's especially considering how similar American Settler and the social game look. At least folks can get their fix of digital dysentery somewhere.

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