MapleStory Adventures players get to deck their halls this holiday

MapleStory Adventures update
MapleStory Adventures on Facebook looks more like its old pop with every update. Nexon has pushed another series of changes and new content to its popular social version of the iconic free-to-play MMO. Now, players can purchase decorations for their homes with either in-game currency or Facebook Credits to be the envy of their friends.

Of course, since this is the holidays, most of the decorations available now look rather wintry. Others range from snowy crates to golden statues and picnic tables. Even more decorations include banners, ornate bushes and an adorable little mole-like creature. The decorations don't look like they provide much benefit to players in their adventure other than bragging rights, but for some players that's all they need.
MapleStory Adventures decorations
Nexon has also introduced a slew of holiday-themed quests to MapleStory Adventures in which players must Rudolf retrieve stolen antlers and help Santa save Christmas. Rudolf just so happens to be out getting his nose polished, so players must find a replacement for him to fly with old Big Red. In addition to an overarching storyline, this event features recurring daily quests, too.

MapleStory Adventures has been in a bit of a decline as of late, according to AppData. We can imagine that Nexon is looking to stem these losses with new content updates, but the game has been on a downward curve since early November. Whether Nexon can regain that million monthly player mark depends on whether it can hook new players with improved features like, say, more classes.

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