Play Kabam's hardcore strategy social games straight from the desktop

Thirst of Night Pokki
Thirst of Night Pokki

It's like they're PC games, only they're still connected to Facebook and Google+. (Well, that and they still look like browser games.) Kabam has released four of its most popular social games through SweetLabs's Pokki platform, a service that allows developers to turn their web-based games and apps into desktop-based programs with the same functionality.

In short, now you can play Dragons of Atlantis, Thirst of Night, Edgeworld and The Godfather: Five Families without having to open up a web browser and going to Facebook or Google+. Fans of Kabam's "hardcore" social strategy games can now download all four games and play them as if they were downloadable PC games from the start. (Unfortunately, only Windows users need apply.) However, we imagine the games will still require an Internet connection and, almost more importantly, a connection to either social network.

"Kabam creates uniquely rich social games for real gamers, and we couldn't be happier that they're using Pokki to bring those games to the desktop for the first time," SweetLabs co-founder and CMO Chester Ng said. "A word of caution though: One click access to Kabam games without ever having to open a browser can be highly addicting, especially when coupled with real-time in-game notifications."

While one-click access sounds appealing, was it really that difficult to access the games on Facebook or Google+ to begin with? At any rate, this is an interesting move for Kabam, and an obvious attempt at increasing its strategy games' appeal to the "hardcore" gaming crowd. Will they bite? Who knows but if you ask Raptr, "hardcore" gamers already have.

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