Put Hidden Chronicles under the glass with three mini games [Video]

Hidden Chronicles
Hidden Chronicles

Zynga's first foray into the wide, populous world of hidden-object games is almost here. In fact, the company is so close to releasing Hidden Chronicles that it has launched three mini games playable within its Facebook fan page. These are designed to give players an idea of what Hidden Chronicles will be like once it launches. (Protip: You'll be finding things ... lots of them.)

The first mini game, Geoffrey's Desk, is available to players who "Like" the Hidden Chronicles fan page right now. However, the next two mini games--Estate Gardens and The Library--will only become available once the page reaches 50,000 and 100,000 "Likes" respectively. Each mini game is basically a taste of what players can look forward to once Hidden Chronicles launches.

All three hidden-object scenes are timed, and players can share their best times with their friends. For those somehow unfamiliar with hidden-object games, the scenes serve as a primer on the genre, but also give a glimpse into the story of Hidden Chronicles. Through the same fan page, players can send each other Hidden Chronicles-themed holiday cards in which they can hide an uploaded photos with various holiday-inspired hidden objects.

Zynga is looking to get a piece of the pie Playdom presented to social gamers and hidden-object fans with Gardens of Time, which still reels in millions of monthly players. Check out the new trailer of the game below to decide for yourself whether Hidden Chronicles might give Playdom a challenge.

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