FarmVille Pic of the Day: Hop to Candy Land on vwchick24's board game farm

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Hasbro should feel flattered. It's not the first time a FarmVille player felt inspired to Zynga-fy one of Hasbro's popular board games. The last time we saw something like this was Jest84's custom-made, Monopoly: FarmVille Edition board and the anonymous "FarmVille-opoly" farm. But vwchick24 is truly the first to come up with a farm-sized, FarmVille Edition of Candy Land.

Six differently colored hay bales form a striped pathway, complete with various stops and four game pieces. Because vwchick24 didn't provide any close-ups, we have to go by her word as to what pieces they are. Two of them are the Candy Apple Gnome and Butler Gnome. But the other two are mysteriously identified as "Monopoly Gnome" and "Ninja Gnome", which aren't on our gnome registry, plus I'm pretty sure they don't exist. But we can let that slide because vwchick24 has gone to epic lengths to represent Candy Land the best way she could. And judging by her description of her farm, it almost sounds like she ate a monstrous load of candy while doing it.

Because she mentions famous Candy Land characters, such as Gramma Nutt, Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice, and King Kandy. At the same time, you've got odd snippets such as "Stop by Gramma Nutt for some gingerbread while passing by Mexico" (emphasis mine) and "I saw the Fairy Godmother protecting Belle's Rose", which is a reference to the Disney film, Beauty & the Beast. Further statements include reminders for other players to wish a Happy Birthday to FarmVille and America, and a reminder to herself to wish a Happy Father's and Mother's Day to her parents. Could it be that vwchick24 is a kid?

The most amazing thing aside from the gorgeous looking board game farm, is that vwchick24 appears to only be at Level 23, has 5.1 million Coins still in her account after building everything, and managed to breach the original limit on free gifts from friends (it's looking like it's over 620). Mommy and daddy must be bankrolling this Candy Land.

What other board games do you think will look great as a FarmVille farm?
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