FarmVille iOS Update: Take a train to Winter Wonderland on iPhone, iPad

Back in September, FarmVille on iOS (iPhone and iPad) received an update to version 2.3, bringing Lighthouse Cove access to farmers who like to play on the go. Now a few months later, we've seen another new farm launch in the Facebook version of the game, and with it comes another iOS app update: Version 2.5.

This newest version of FarmVille brings access to Winter Wonderland, so long as you've already accessed the new farm on Facebook or the game's website proper. You can travel to and from your Winter Wonderland farm with ease once you have one, however. In addition, this app update apparently fixes a "handful" of bugs, but we unfortunately weren't given a detailed fix sheet that details them all.

As usual, the traveling process between farms in this mobile version of FarmVIlle is fairly simple - just access the travel option from the menu in the bottom right corner of the screen, and choose Winter Wonderland when given the option. Keep in mind that the more cluttered the farm, the longer it will take for everything to load, but you should be able to harvest, plow and plant crops with ease. Of course, there's still FarmVille Express that makes things even easier still, but if you want to visually look at your farm(s) while you're playing (rather than a set of helpful, albeit boring numbers), you can now do that as well.

Click here to download FarmVille Version 2.5 for iOS now -->

Have you tried out Winter Wonderland on your iOS device? What do you think of this newest farm's transition to the smaller, mobile screen(s)? Sound off in the comments.