Bollywood-styled Mafia Wars for hit film announced on four platforms

Don 2 The King is Back
Don 2 The King is Back

Hopes for a Mafia Wars movie were dashed last summer, but Bollywood is busting out the biggest action crime thriller this year in India, and it's coming with a Facebook game in tow.

Set in Germany, about an Indian mob boss taking over the European crime world, the film in question is Don 2: The King is Back, a sequel to Don: The Chase Begins Again (2006) by director Farhan Akhtar and starring Shahrukh "King of Bollyhood" Khan. This in turn, is a remake of the Indian cult film, Don (1978). And it's a big enough deal that aside from Android, iOS, and Facebook, they're also involving the PlayStation 3 in the mix.

India's largest games services company, Gameshastra, is in charge of transforming the film into a third-person action adventure for the PS3, where the player gets to be Shahrukh Khan's character. Mango Games in Bangalore, India will be developing the film's Facebook game, called "Don - The Social Mobsters Game". (There's also even a board game, which is already out. But that one's not making a blip on anyone's radar.)

Details are few, but launch dates have been set, and while the console game will hit the PSN next March, the web and mobile games will be released the same day as the film, December 23. Film producer Ritesh Sidhwani believes that "This is the best way to keep the hysteria going among the fans."

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