House of the Day: NYC Condo for Your Viewing Pleasure

There are New York homes and then there are New York homes. This 11-bedroom condominium on the 49th floor of the Bristol Plaza in Manhattan is, undeniably, of the latter breed.

Spanning 5,678 square feet, the condominium boasts a 22-foot dining room and a 38-foot corner living room flanked by unparalleled 360-degree views of Central Park. Pristine oak boards line its sprawling floors and a luxurious, nine-zone central air-conditioning system keeps the full-floor condominium cool. But that's not even the good part. The selling point of this $22.5 million condo is its brand-new in-house movie theater and (wait for it) saltwater aquarium that divides the living and dining rooms.

Despite all its offerings however, it looks like the ridiculously swanky condo can't seem to cut a break. Its owner, former real estate titan Eric Hadar, who ran afoul of the law in a drug case, tried unsuccessfully to sell the home for $26 million last year. After no sale, Hadar (whose mother, Margery Hadar, is not-so-coincidentally the Brown Harris Stevens broker in charge of the listing) subjected the condo to a $12-million renovation in which the movie theater, aquarium and a "security room" were added.

But instead of the renovations hiking up the property value, on Dec. 5, the condo hit the market again, sporting a significantly humbler asking price of $22.5 million.

Fluctuating price dramas aside, we still think this condo is kind of a steal. Similar properties in Manhattan can be seen sporting much heftier price tags, without the amenities at 200 E. 65th. Take, for example, the significantly smaller four-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot condo at 25 Columbus Circle, priced at a whopping $60 million, or the $38.9 million, eight-bedroom penthouse at Chelsea Nouvel. And, to our knowledge, neither of these properties come with an aquarium.

Margery Hadar from Brown Harris Stevens has the listing.

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