Gameloft floors it onto Google+ with GT Racing: Motor Academy

GT Racing: Motor Academy
Games on Google+ just got infinitely more interesting. Gameloft has launched GT Racing: Motor Academy, a 3D sports car racing game built using HTML5, on the Google+ Games platform. If you're unfamiliar with console racing simulators like Gran Turismo, the game allows players to race realistic sports cars on various tracks in real time using the keyboard as a controller.

That's to say that this social game will involve very little clicking. According to Gameloft, GT Racing features 111 cars based on real-life models released by 26 manufacturers including Nissan, Audi, Ferrari and more. Racers must pass various driver's tests to upgrade their licenses and compete in "prestigious" racing events. But here's the clincher: real-time multiplayer racing.

"Gameloft is very excited about offering our games to Google+ users," Gameloft VP Publishing for the Americas Baudouin Corman said. "GT Racing is bringing a stunning racing experience right in the browser, and we are happy to be pioneering the field with Google to bring the social gaming platform to the next level."
GT Racing in action
GT Racing is certainly a treat to look at when it comes to social games. But as with other 3D games on Google+, initially loading the game can take several minutes and players shouldn't be surprised to see their sessions lag or freeze completely while playing. HTML5 social gaming in 3D is undoubtedly here, but not without a few kinks.

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