FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Fraiser Fir Tree, Jacob Sheep and more

It may be the week before Christmas, but don't think that the FarmVille team has slowed down on releasing themed items in the game's store. No sir, there are new trees, animals and more available in the Winter Holiday theme, and as usual, we're here with a complete look at these newest items so you'll know what to be on the lookout for when you start shopping this week.


Mistletoe Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Ornament Tree - 15 Farm Cash
Fraiser Fir Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Fraiser Fir Tree - 12 Farm Cash

You might recognize the Mistletoe and Ornament trees, as these are re-releases to the store. They work the same in terms of breeding however, with the Ornament Tree being otherwise available through Mystery Seedlings. As for the Fraiser Fir Trees, you can ignore the giant version here in favor of receiving one for free as well.


Present Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Holiday Wreath Horse - 24 Farm Cash
Blue Nightmare Horse - 30 Farm Cash
Peppermint Ram - 16 Farm Cash
Giant Elf Chicken - 20 Farm Cash
Blue Ponytail Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Jacob Sheep - 2 million coins
Elf Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Mistletoe Boar - 16 Farm Cash

With these animals, some are re-releases, so if you're an animal collector, you might want to check your collections (like looking inside your animal storage buildings) just to make sure you aren't needlessly spending Farm Cash on duplicates.


Holiday Lighthouse - 20 Farm Cash


FV Ornament 2011 - 50,000 coins
Lighted Bare Tree - 2 Farm Cash
Holiday Foot Bridge - 14 Farm Cash

While there may not be many items here to choose from, you'll really want to pick up that FV Ornament, as it's specifically labeled (even on the item itself, not just in its name) as being for the year 2011. If there were ever an item to be retired and then never released again, it would be this one.

Avatar Clothing

Gingerbread Man - 5 Farm Cash

As this week is likely to be incredibly hectic for many of you, you needn't worry about these items expiring from the store before Christmas itself comes and goes. You have two weeks to purchase them, and while buying them after Christmas might seem a bit silly, just think of it as stocking up for the coming year. That works, right?

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Are your farms fully decorated for Christmas, or are you just now pulling things out of storage / shopping in the store? Sound off in the comments.