FarmVille Mystery Game (12/18/11): Winter items celebrate the holidays

It's another Sunday, which means that a new round of the FarmVille Mystery Game has launched, bringing with it six (alright, seven if we're technical) new items that are up for grabs by throwing darts at the board. This week's game costs 16 Farm Cash to play per dart, which is a deal considering that both a Winter themed Pony and Pegasus are up for grabs. Of course, if you're still holding onto any free darts, you can win these items for even less (that is, free!).

Here's the lineup of this week's prizes:

  • Elf Pig
  • Frosty Home
  • Icy Blue Pegasus
  • Icy Blue Pony
  • North Pole Tower
  • Peppermint Boar

If you manage to win one of each of the six items above (keep in mind that duplicates are likely, so you might end up paying for more than just six darts), you'll walk away with this week's bonus prize: the Cookies Store. As an aside, if you like the Peppermint Boar and are looking for the matching Ram for Sheep Breeding, you can actually purchase it from the store, though its pattern is incredibly different.

Remember, this will be the last Mystery Game before Christmas itself arrives. Will there be a new Mystery Game next Sunday, or will it be delayed? This game is still labeled as having the full week left in the store, but even if there is a new game, will it still contain Christmas items? There are quite a few variables up in the air dealing with the upcoming holiday, so if you're looking for some last-minute decorations for your home, you might take just a few more moments to consider playing this week's game. Good luck receiving the items you want!

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What do you think of this week's Mystery Game lineup? Which items did you win this week? Sound off in the comments.
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