FarmVille: Christmas Model Farm offers free prizes for visiting

A new round of the FarmVille Model Farm has appeared in your friends list this evening, as the very first "friend" on the ride side of the bar. It's represented by a festive Christmas horse, so I'll give you a second to come up with this Model Farm's theme... Of course it's Christmas! And, as usual, we're given a two-sided feature that lacks in a real purpose other than giving you free items for visiting.

As you might have come to expect, this edition of the FarmVille Model Farm shows off many of the game's limited edition Winter Holiday trees, buildings and even some animals. You can look at these items in their actual sizes, including all of their animation if you're curious and from there you can purchase them for your own farm(s). Of course, these items cost Farm Cash, but if you were holding off on buying one of them, this preview could be the deciding factor in spending some real money.

If you're like other farmers however, and just want your free gifts, you can expect those too. For instance, the first time you visit you will likely be rewarded with 1,000 coins. We're told that we can come back everyday for a new gift, so make sure to visit at least once (it only takes a matter of seconds to visit the farm and then travel back home). You're getting something for nothing (except some time), so why not take advantage, right?

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What do you think of this newest edition of the Model Farm? Will you purchase anything special now that you've taken a look at it on the Model Farm? Let us know in the comments.