CityVille Grass Roots Greenhouse: Everything you need to know

While most Facebook games have gone 100% Christmas, the folks on the CityVille team at Zynga have taken a break from the holiday cheer to release a new functional building in the game. This one deals with crops, and gives us a chance to plant more crops without taking up more space in our towns. It's called the Grass Roots Greenhouse, and you'll need to be at least level 20 in the game to access it.

The base of the Grass Roots Greenhouse takes 10 energy to construct, and from there you'll need to start collecting building materials with friends. You'll need to gather the following:

  • 5 Hose Wheels
  • 5 Planting Troughs
  • 5 Sprinkler Systems
  • 5 Tomato Growers
  • 5 Gardening Tools

These items are earned through a combination of individual requests to friends and general news posts. To be specific, the Hose Wheels and Planting Troughs are earned by sending out individual requests to neighbors, while the other three items can be earned through basic news posts you'll place on your wall. Once you've collected these building materials, you'll have a Level 1 Greenhouse that can store eight individual farm plots. Unfortunately, you can only grow a single type of crop inside your Greenhouse at once, but when you harvest from the Greenhouse (in the same way you harvest a Mall or Neighborhood, using energy to harvest all squares in bulk), this will count for goal progress and for crop mastery in your game.

If eight plots isn't enough for you, you can also immediately go to work upgrading the Greenhouse to Level 2 by collecting 10 each of the five building materials above. This will give you a complete storage capacity of 14 plots, rather than eight. If at some point you decide to sell your Greenhouse, you can do so to earn 25,000 coins, but keep in mind that you'll lose all of the farm plots you have inside.

If you're in the mood to store some crops and can remember to harvest them before they wither, why not try building this Grass Roots Greenhouse? It's likely that additional storage capacity will be added in the future, and we'll make sure to let you know if that does happen.

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Will you build a Grass Roots Greenhouse in your CityVille town? Do you think you'd ever forget you had crops growing inside that would wither? Sound off in the comments.
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