CityVille Christmas Mystery Game: Everything you need to know

A third installment of the CityVille Mystery Game has launched this week, offering you a chance to earn some themed Winter or Christmas related goodies for your town. There are six items up for grabs in all, with the same crane mechanic and boxes on a conveyor belt seen in previous events (back at Halloween or in the Fall in general). You'll be given a single free play at this event when you next login to your game. If you happen to not use it right when the pop-up appears, you can always redeem your free play later by accessing the game from the store.

When you play, you'll have a chance at one of the following, listed in pairs based on rarity:

  • Spinning Top Game (Common)

  • Ornament Shop (Common)

  • Gift Swap (Uncommon)

  • Elf Abode (Uncommon)

  • Winter Sporting Shop (Rare)

  • Jolly Apartments (Rare)

Again, you'll receive one prize for free (I, for instance, won the Ornament Shop), and can then try your hand at earning more items for 20 City Cash each. There's the possibility of receiving duplicates in the process of going for one of each item however, so keep that in mind.

There doesn't look to be an official ending date for this edition of the Mystery Game, but I wouldn't expect it to remain too long after Christmas itself comes and goes. Keep in mind: it's very likely that attempts at this Mystery Game will go on sale at some point before the game vanishes entirely, so if you have the patience to wait for a bargain, feel free to do so. Just don't wait too long, or you might not end up with any items at all!

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Have you played the Christmas Mystery Game yet in CityVille? Which of the six items did you win? Sound off in the comments.