CastleVille goes red and green in time for Christmas--er, the holidays

CastleVille Gift-A-Pult
CastleVille Gift-A-Pult

Even though that's definitely Christmas stuff--ahem, sorry. Zynga has updated its newest Facebook game, CastleVille, with a number of items in time for the holidays.

There are two new outfits inspired by Kris Kringle's arrival in the game and the brand new Gift-A-Pult community item. Of course, there are plenty of accessible (i.e. affordable) decorations for players to pick up.

Mr. Kringle's Coat

  • 10 Crowns

Mr. Kringle's Hat

  • 5 Crowns

Mr. Kringle's Pants

  • 10 Crowns

Mrs. Kringle's Blouse

  • 10 Crowns

CastleVille Winter Items 1
CastleVille Winter Items 1

Mrs. Kringle's Dress

  • 10 Crowns

Mrs. Kringle's Hat

  • 10 Crowns

Baubles the Reindeer

  • 32 Crowns

Blinky the Reindeer

  • 28 Crowns

Blizzard the Reindeer

  • 36 Crowns

Candy Cane Tower

  • 25 Crowns

Chocolate Covered Sheep

  • 20 Crowns

Gift Banner

  • 500 Coins,

  • 3 Castle Points

CastleVille Winter Items 2
CastleVille Winter Items 2

Holiday Bear

  • 4 Crowns

Holiday Tree

  • 10 Crowns

Holly Banner

  • 20,000 Coins

  • 1 Castle Point

Inflatable Penguin

  • 6,000 Coins

Inflatable Snow Knight

  • 3 Crowns

Jolly Inflatable Snowman

  • 5,000 Coins

Lit Tree

  • 5 Crowns

Pile of Snow

  • 2,000 Coins

CastleVille Winter Items 3
CastleVille Winter Items 3

Winter Carriage

  • 6 Crowns

Yulefest Yule Flamingo

  • 5 Crowns

All in all, the lot of these items may look pretty, but they're largely useless. However, some are cheap enough to give that holiday flair to your kingdom without you going broke, like the Inflatable Snowman and the Inflatable Penguin. But that Gift Banner might be a fine way of upping your Castle Points quickly and cheaply--useful and festive!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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Have you picked up any of the holiday items in CastleVille yet? What do you think of the holiday events in the game so far? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.