Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail on Facebook will be no more next year

Oregon Trail closes
Oregon Trail closes

It's a sad state of affairs for games that try something different these days, it seems. Both Carmen Sandiego and The Oregon Trail on Facebook will shut their doors for good come Jan. 6, 2012. While we pretty much knew this one was coming since Mass.-based Blue Fang Gamesshut down over the summer, the news still comes with that pang of mild depression.

The Learning Company, which holds licenses for both games, delivered the somber news via in-game messages within both games before players enter. Unfortunately, it is not offering any compensation for existing players.

That pang is probably more like a flare of rage for those that spent money in either game. That said, the fact that these two social games will shut down is a bummer for a far more important reason. Both Carmen Sandiego and The Oregon Trail were visibly different than your average Facebook game. Each game touted refreshing play hooks in its own right, and some of the most vibrant art styles filled with character we've seen even by year's end.

The games also approached social gaming mechanics in unprecedented ways, so much so that one appeared to be quite the inspiration for a release by a far more popular and powerful social game maker. You'd think that such recognizable brands like The Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego would be enough to drive millions to play. Sadly, it seems as if that wasn't the case. Well, cheers to Blue Fang Games for attempting to innovate and bring childhood classics to the forefront once again.

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