PopCap offers Bejeweled on iPhone, iPad for zilch through Facebook


Your fingers have already scurried across the keyboard to enter "facebook" into that address bar, haven't they. Oh well, for those still reading this, the new Bejeweled for iPhone and iPad is available for free today (Dec. 19) through Facebook. If your memory is a bit fuzzy from the blitz of Christmas shopping and copious drinking to forget the horror, allow us to explain.

Seattle-based PopCap--casual game developer of hits like Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies--had re-released its gem-matching mega hit on iPhone, Bejeweled 2+Blitz, earlier this month as two separate games. One game, Bejeweled Blitz, is completely free to play and is essentially the Facebook game for iPhone. The other, simply called Bejeweled, is a single-player, standalone game with new play modes that costs $.99 on the App Store.

The latter is the one PopCap and Apple are offering for free as of this writing. All you need to do is click this link right here to access Apple's "Free on App Store" app for Facebook. Then, click "Get Your Free App" to receive a code to use in iTunes. If iTunes doesn't open automatically, then launch it and choose the "Redeem" option in the iTunes Store. Just like that, you'll have the brand new Bejeweled for your iPhone and iPad for absolutely nothing. Act fast--like, really fast: We have no clue as to when this promotion will end.

[Via TouchArcade]

Did you pick up your free copy of Bejeweled? What do you think of PopCap's decision to re-release Bejeweled as two games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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