Angry Birds Christmas lights display is the envy of dads everywhere

Angry Birds Christmas
Angry Birds Christmas

Seriously, we feel bad for the other 20 or 30 dads that might live on this guy's street. Ric Turner, a former Disney Imagineer in special effects, has created an awesomely interactive game of Angry Birds using over 20,000 Christmas lights. Using a makeshift corded controller, whomever is in control presses one of the three buttons, and the result is a crazy light show resulting in some dead pig lights.

Folks who drive by the light show can tune into 99.1 FM on their radios to hear the sounds of the mega popular mobile game by Rovio as the light piggies are destroyed one by one. According to YouTube user kumbaric (who we assume is Turner), the set-up was created using two computers and 10 Light-o-Rama 16 channel controllers. Well, that and the 20,000 lights.

According to kumbaric, his set-up is "Easier than the iPhone version, and bigger too." We can't help but agree. Now, imagine how cool Turner is to his kids ... and to his neighbors' kids. Hey, an electric bill in the thousands for one month is totally worth it. Check out the video below.

[Via Kotaku]

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