Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 5: Everything you need to know

We've arrived at the fifth day of Christmas in Adventure World's 12 Days of Adventure event, with this one being called "Five Golden Things." That's not a far cry from the original line of "Five Golden Rings," and at least this Expedition doesn't require you to solely go around defeating poor animals to earn a prize. Ok, sure, there are Spiders on this map, but if you're crafty enough you can avoid them altogether. As for the Expedition itself, remember that you can access it immediately, without waiting for Supplies, Food, Water or Fuel to accumulate in your game. Here's what you can expect once you begin:

Day 5: Five Golden Things

  • Ask friends for 7 Bags of Gum Drops

  • Place 7 Bags of Gum Drops in Holiday Boxes

  • Collect 5 Golden Things

The Bags of Gum Drops are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news post you'll place on your wall. From there, you'll simply continue in the tradition of clicking on the green and yellow gift boxes scattered around the map to place the Gum Drops inside. Meanwhile, the Golden Things are items like a golden Crown, Present Box or Christmas tree, many of which are blocked by either traps or walls that need to be lowered by pushing blocks onto switches. These are all mechanics we've seen before in other Expeditions, but you may need to pour quite a bit of energy into this particular one to finish it off.

Once you finish this Five Golden Things Expedition, you'll receive a piece of Gingerbread, an energy item that gives you 10 free energy when used. Remember, if you can finish just one more Expedition after this, you'll have reached the halfway point in this event and will receive a Reindeer for your Base Camp as a prize!

As usual, we'll continue bringing you a daily look at these new Expeditions in the 12 Days of Adventure event, so keep checking back!

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What do you think of this entry in the 12 Days of Adventure event? Have you finished the four previously released Expeditions, or are you now multi-tasking to finish them all off? Sound off in the comments.