FarmVille: Buy a Zynga Game Card for Mystery Prizes

Like the Zynga Game Card promotion currently taking place in CityVille, a new promotion is offering you some incentive to purchase or redeem a Zynga Game Card in FarmVille. From now until December 27, each Zynga Game Card (or eCard, if you purchase / receive one online) redeemed will give you a chance at a random prize.

What sorts of prizes? Well, from the loading screen above, we can see that there will be truly Mystery Prizes, in the form of lovely green and red gift boxes, but we can also win a Candy Cane Chicken, Mistletoe Donkey, a Santa Duck or a Gumdrop Tree (the small topiary that was available last year). The only new item here is the Santa Duck, so unfortunately you may already have all of the other prizes on your farm(s). Still, if you had planned on giving a Zynga Game Card as a gift this Christmas, you'll at least know that a friend will receive an extra special prize when they redeem (just make sure they do so before December 27!).

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Will you purchase / redeem a Zynga Game Card in FarmVille just to receive one of these prizes? If you did do so, which of these items did you end up with? Sound off in the comments.