FarmVille: 100% Pattern Inheritance event on now!

If you're still into breeding either Pigs or Sheep in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has "flipped the switch," offering users a chance to guarantee their breeding efforts are successful (at least when it comes to passing on the dad's pattern) in a 100% Pattern Inheritance event. As the name of this event might suggest, you're looking at just a few days of this guarantee, but that's plenty of time to fill out your collection with as many patterned sheep as you can, especially if you've been saving up Love Potions for such an event.

It's been a while since we've see a pattern guarantee weekend, so if you've gathered any of the Christmas-themed Rams or Boars recently, remember to use those to create a whole set of Christmas-themed animals across your farms. Again, this is one of your only chances to never fail on passing down patterns, so even though you still can't predict which color the baby will end up with, you can at least pass down the patterns (and even give some of those patterned animals away, if you're feeling generous).

Will you take advantage of this "Pattern Guarantee" event in FarmVille? What sorts of patterns will you work on passing down as much as you can? Sound off in the comments.