CityVille: Redeem Zynga Game Card for free Mystery Items

As part of this year's holiday celebration, Zynga is offering free Mystery Items in CityVille with the redemption of a Zynga Game Card within your game. If you plan on purchasing one of these cards for yourself or as a gift this Christmas, make sure to redeem those Cards before December 27, when this promotion ends.

So, what can you win? According to an in-game loading screen, you can either win a truly Mystery Item (in a red and yellow box), or an Ice Rink (a decoration with a 5% payout bonus), Baranovsky House (250-480 population) or an Owl House (620-1240 population). Luckily, it doesn't seem to matter which denomination of card you redeem, as the $10, $25 and $50 options are all shown on the loading screen above. There's also a $15 Game Card that exists but isn't pictured, although I highly doubt it's been excluded from the fun.

Just remember, if you plan on purchasing more than on $10 Zynga Game Card (either through a retail location or as an eCard online) instead of one $25 Card so that you'll win more than one prize, there's no guarantee you won't end up with duplicates. I hope you'll be able to walk away with the exact items you want, so good luck if you redeem multiple cards during this event!

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Will you buy a Zynga Game Card to earn a free Mystery Box or other item in CityVille? If you already redeemed a card, which of these prizes did you end up with? Sound off in the comments.