Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 3: Everything you need to know

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... Three Log Traps? Apparently so, if you're playing through Adventure World's 12 Days of Adventure event. Day 3's Expedition is called just that: Three Log Traps, and yet again, we're here to give you a rundown of how to complete this Expedition quickly, so you can be ready for another new one tomorrow. Just remember: you won't need any sort of Supplies, Food, Water or Fuel to access this series, so just login and have fun with it. You can also work on more than one Expedition at a time.

Day 3: Three Log Traps

  • Ask friends for 5 Graham Crackers

  • Place 5 Graham Crackers in Holiday Boxes

  • Trip 3 Log Traps

The Graham Crackers come from individual requests that you'll send to your Adventure World neighbors. As you start to receive them back from friends, you'll be able to place them in the green and yellow gift boxes that are scattered around the map. As for the Log Traps, you'll be able to disarm them by looking for large levers nearby that you can pull. This triggers the trap, allowing you a clear path to walk under it to reach other sections of the map.

As has been the case so far with this 12 Days of Adventure event, these Expeditions are incredibly simple, giving you a great chance of finishing one per day as intended. You'll receive a special prize for finishing this particular Expedition: 5 Spider Bait. Remember to keep checking back with us each day from now until Christmas, as we'll bring you a complete look at the rest of the Expeditions in this event.

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