Zynga IPO stock: Should you buy it?

zynga stock

As of today, FarmVille-maker Zynga is officially a public company, and stock for the company is actively being traded under the ticker symbol ZNGA. So if you're a fan of Zynga's special breed of social games and have a passing interest in the stock market -- you might be thinking, hey, why not own a small piece of the company that makes my favorite games?

Well, if you're looking to buy in and then cash out fast, this probably won't be the stock for you. It looks like Zynga's success (or lack thereof) may be more of a slow burn. After its debut at $10/share, Zynga dipped below its starting price by mid-afternoon. This is vastly different from other tech darlings, such as LinkedIn and Groupon -- their stock jumped dramatically on the first day, and then dropped later on.

zynga ticker

Industry watchers say that Zynga's future is hazy, due to the fact that the company relies heavily on Facebook for its revenue and that internal politics are forcing out some of the more talented minds behind the company's mega hits like CityVille, FarmVille and other 'Ville' games. Then again, Zynga is a tech startups that actually makes money and, well, you know how much cash you're willing to spend on the Big Z's games -- whether you'd like to admit it or not. Multiply that by a few million and, well, you get the picture.

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