Zynga HQ's 1,700 staffers eat 24K pounds of food a week [Infographic]

Zynga Infographic
Now we'd like to see the fleet of dishwashers at Zynga HQ. Or is it just one giant, dish-washing megazord? The creator of top social games like FarmVille and CityVille went public on the Nasdaq today, raising $1 billion at around $10 a share. As part of its day-long celebration, the company has released an infographic providing a series of interesting figures.

Alright, so maybe the lot of it is back-patting, but A.) you would be be back-patting too if you just made that kinda' cash and B.) at least some of the data raises eyebrows. Take the fact that the culinary staff at Zynga HQ serves 24,000 pounds of food per week to the San Francisco studio's over 1,700 employees. Or that the dog-to-person ratio within Zynga's main offices is 9 to 1.

In the infographic, Zynga draws a lot of comparisons between its games and other casual games and activities, such as the fact that while 2 million Scrabble boards are sold a year, 4.8 million Words With Friends games are completed daily. Comparisons like these speak volumes to the fact that Zynga isn't just after the games industry, but the entertainment industry on the whole. And based on the infographic below, CEO Mark Pincus and crew seem to be doing a fine job of that so far.

Based on the data below, what do you think of Zynga's impact thus far? What other areas besides video games could you see the company disrupting? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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