Now you can ruin a Sim's life for free: The Sims FreePlay available now

The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay

Don't act like you've never driven a Sim to the brink of filth and homelessness, only to manipulate it into burning its own house down. It's what god games are all about: raw, uncompromising power. Now, EA provides players with those fatal abilities for free, and in their pocket, with The Sims FreePlay for iPhone and iPad. However, this is not a mobile version of The Sims Social.

This is a completely new game that's more akin to traditional Sims games like The Sims 3. (Though, that line has been blurred almost entirely.) Created by the team that put out The Sims 3, The Sims FreePlay lets players create their own Sim and guide it through a 3D world with their very own dog. Of course, the game takes cues from its social counterpart, like goals to complete and things like sleeping and eating to sit around and wait for completion. You know, standard social game stuff.


Of course, you can spend LifeStyle points, which may as well be referred to as "SimCash", to speed these mundane actions up. Based on an early look at the game, we find that The Sims FreePlay is a blend of tropes from two eras of The Sims. However, rather than finding and making new friends, you'll have to create your own (up to 16). If that tickles your fancy more than relying on actual people, head over to the App Store and get to ruining--we mean, creating those lives.

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