Stress Less! How To Manage Work Pressures [Infographic]

stress less at work managersIn the wake of the recent recession, many workers have experienced increased levels of stress either due to increased workloads or economic insecurity. Although a certain amount of stress is to be expected, stress in the workplace can be costly because it affects not only workers' well-being but also companies' bottom lines.

For many workers the holiday season brings with it additional stresses, including deadlines that come with the end of the year.

"The holidays can be an especially busy time for many workers, who are trying to balance business priorities with personal demands," says Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps, a staffing firm. In a statement, Messmer notes that wrapping up the old year can be especially challenging for those in accounting professions, but anyone trying to balance commitments to work and family can feel additional pressure this time of year.

In a survey, Accountemps found that nearly 25 percent of workers found the holiday season "somewhat more challenging," while 14 percent of them found it "much more challenging." Four-four percent said that they experienced "no difference."

The poll also showed that 12 percent of workers said their workloads were "much too heavy," while 29 percent described them as "somewhat too heavy." Nearly half (47 percent), however, said their workloads were "just right."

Though tackling stress isn't easy, workers who feel overwhelmed by it can begin tackling the problem by talking with their supervisors or human-resource departments. Many larger companies offer employee assistance programs, known as EAPs, that can provide workers with resources to help manage stress.

For additional tips on how to manage workplace stress, check out the infographic below from BetterWorks, an employee-rewards network for small and medium-size businesses.

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