Pioneer Trail: Earn 20 free Horseshoes from Internet Explorer

While some cross-promotions in Pioneer Trail simply require you to fill out surveys or complete quizzes for free Horseshoes, a new promotion has started rolling out to Homesteads offering 20 free Horseshoes for installing Internet Explorer 9 on your computer. While the actual usefulness of Internet Explorer may always be in question, there's nothing wrong with following the prompt to earn these free Horseshoes.

Simply install Internet Explorer 9 on your PC following the in-game pop-up and then "pin" Facebook to your taskbar (think of it as a bookmark) for easy access and log back into your Pioneer Trail Homestead. With any lucky, the Horseshoes will have automatically been added to your account. If not, you might need to wait a few hours for everything to sort itself out.

Unfortunately, you have to be on a PC to access this promotion, so Macs are left out (unless you have a Windows partition on your Mac itself). Still, if you have the access, I'd definitely recommend participating in this promotion, as you can always delete the browser after you've received your prize. Sure, this only equates to around $3 worth of Horseshoes (if you were to pay full price for them), but they're free. Can we really argue with that?

Will you install Internet Explorer 9 on your computer just to win 20 free Horseshoes, or would the prize need to be something greater? Sound off in the comments.