Nickelodeon fires Monkey Quest at iPhone, iPad with Thunderbow

Monkey Quest: Thunderbow
Monkey Quest: Thunderbow

Monkey Quest, the browser-based goofy action MMO (massively multiplayer online game) by Nickelodeon, seized the infinitesimal attention spans of 4 million kids last month. The entertainment company decided to capitalized on the side-scroller's success with an equally explosive iPhone and iPad game, Monkey Quest: Thunderbow. The best part? It's 100 percent free.

Thunderbow sets players' fingers behind the bow of--who else?--Thunderbow, as he shoots his way through three jungle worlds to stop an evil cat lord from taking over the jungle. (You know, standard Nickelodeon cartoon material.) Players must fire various types of arrows at enemies that block Thunderbow's path. The shooter is instantly reminiscent of Rovio hit Angry Birds, but with less puzzling play and more explosions.

The game also doubles as a companion app for kids who play Monkey Quest on the browser. Logging into Thunderbow with their details used for the original Monkey Quest will unlock exclusive weapons and equipment to use in the web game.

Of course, there's a number of boosts available to players in Thunderbow, which can be accessed through either NickCash (virtual currency) payments or a subscription. Check out the trailer below, and beware of losing your iPad to the kids for a bit.

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