Empires & Allies Treasure Vault: Collect keys for awesome military units

If you ever need more incentive to play Empires & Allies on a daily basis, try this on for size: A new Treasure Vault feature has been launched in the game, giving you the ability to open at least one vault once per day to receive some potentially awesome prizes.

Once you built the Vault in your Empire, you'll be able to ask your friends to send you special Keys. The more keys you have at the end of a 24-hour period, the more individual Vaults you'll be able to open up. Of course, you'll be able to receive better prizes for opening up more and more Vaults, but even if you can't collect any Keys on your own within 24-hours, you'll still be given a single Key everyday for free. This means that even if you never ask a friend to send you a Key, you'll still be able to open up a Vault every day at least once.

Some of the items available to win are:

  • The Platinum Raven (Ship) - HP: 600

  • HMS Dreadnought (Ship) - HP: 630

  • Type 94 Tank - HP: 570

  • The Platinum Black (Aircraft) - HP: 400

  • Hypersonic Bomber - HP: 550

  • Scorpion Tank - HP: 560

  • Tactical Nuke bundles (up to three in a bundle)

  • 25 Energy boosts (up to four in a bundle)

This feature is still rolling out to many users within the game, so if you don't have it yet don't panic. It will arrive to your game sooner or later and you can then start collecting Keys to earn these awesome rewards (and more)!

[Via Zynga]

What do you think of this Treasure Vault feature in Empires & Allies? Will you "waste" your once-a-day friend requests asking for keys, or would you rather save those requests for things dealing with in-game missions and the like? Sound off in the comments.