Zynga sneaks a peek of Michael Bublé's CityVille transformation for you

Michael Bublé in CityVille
Michael Bublé in CityVille

It's going to be a very Michael Christmas in CityVille soon. Zynga recently announced that Michael Bublé will hit the streets of CityVille this month, just before Christmas. The Billboard-topping vocalist has been animated both in-game and for concept art, and we gotta' give it Zynga's artists. CityVille Bublé certainly looks the part--he even has the spiked hair.

When Bublé arrives in the game, players will get to create a bonfire with him, hence the above image. You'll need the help of your friends to do so, which means "get ready to beg." At any rate, working with Bublé in your game will unlock an exclusive video by the artist to watch within CityVille. Along the way you'll also earn collectibles that give players a glimpse into what makes Bublé the guy he is.

Bublé is expected to hit CityVille just in time for Christmas, Zynga tells us, and perhaps just in time to rescue the company's waning stock market debut. For that matter, maybe Zynga could use another accidental promotion.

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