Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 2: Everything you need to know

If you've already finished Day 1 of the Adventure World 12 Days of Christmas event, you're in luck as Day 2 is also available in the game. This one continues in the song's tradition by being called simply "Two Jaguars." This Expedition doesn't require any Supplies, Food, Water or Fuel so you'll be able to start it instantly upon next logging into the game. Here's how to finish this limited time Expedition off with ease.

Day 2: Two Jaguars

  • Ask friends for 5 Bags of Frosting

  • Place 5 Bags of Frosting in Holiday Boxes

  • Defeat 2 Jaguars

This one asks you to post a general news item on your wall asking for the Bags of Frosting. Like in Day 1, the Holiday Boxes are scattered about the map, blocked by debris. The Jaguars are at the bottom of the mountain, so simply clear the Thorns / Bushes in your way and defeat them to finish this Expedition off.

Once you finish this Expedition, you'll receive a free Snowman Sweater for your avatar to wear. Keep checking back with us for continued coverage on each day of this 12 Days of Adventure event!

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What do you think of Day 2 in Adventure World's 12 Days of Adventure event? Are you going to dress your avatar up in this cheesy holiday sweater? Sound off in the comments.