Adventure World 12 Days of Adventure Day 1: Everything you need to know

Bringing the holiday spirit to Adventure World, a 12 Days of Adventure Holiday Countdown has launched in the game, bringing with it 12 different Expeditions / Quests that you'll be able to complete for rewards. These 12 days of events correspond to an in-game take on the song "The 12 Days of Christmas," with the first task being called "A Monkey in a Banana Tree." You don't need to worry about having Supplies, Food, Water or Fuel here - just jump right into this limited edition event.

This first Expedition comes with just a single quest (as you might expect, things will become a bit more complicated as we go long with each day of the event). Here's how to knock this one out of the park:

Day 1: A Monkey in a Banana Tree

  • Ask friends for 3 Gingerbread Men

  • Place Gingerbread Men in 3 Holiday Boxes

  • Gather a Ripe Banana

  • Feed the Hungry Monkey

For this one, you'll simply need to ask your friends for the three Gingerbread Men cookies via a general news post on your wall. After that, you'll need to traverse the small hills on this equally small map in order to put the cookies into the green and yellow gift boxes at the far corners of the map. The Monkey, meanwhile is at the very bottom of the map, waiting for a banana. This banana is growing from a tree on the far right side, right next to a present box, as you can see below.

When you finish this Expedition, you'll receive a free festive Palm Tree for your Base Camp. Each day will have a different award, along with special prizes being rewarded after Day 6 and 12.

We'll continue to bring you a look at the 11 other Expeditions in the 12 Days of Adventure series, so keep checking back with us between now and the end of the end of the year for more!

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Have you already finished this Day 1 of the 12 Days of Adventure event? What do you think of the idea of these 12 small Expeditions being released on a daily basis? Will you have the time to login everyday to start a new one? Sound off in the comments.