Today on Cribs: Zynga CEO Pincus's homes up for grabs

Mark Pincus house 1
That is, if you're packing at least $1.97 million. Zillow reports that Zynga CEO Mark Pincus put his two San Francisco, Calif. homes on the real estate market just before the FarmVille maker is expected to hit the stock market on Dec. 16. One house, located in Cole Valley, is going for a cool $1.97 million, while the other in the classy Presidio District is asking for a mind-boggling $8.95 million.

Well, mind-boggling for folks like us that think $1 million is filthy rich--this dude is likely a billionaire. Both homes are enough to be featured on some special video game-themed episode of Cribs. The Cole Valley house (pictured above) looks low key from outside, but its interior screams, "I have enough money to take napalm to this place and build it again." Seriously, the master bedroom doubles as a projection room.
Mark Pincus home 2
The Presidio District pad above looks richie rich both outside and in. According to Zillow, this home is being billed as the "Gold Standard" of homes. The building features not one, but two front-facing balconies over the street and six bedrooms. (The Pincus's are a family of four.) Mrs. Alison Pincus decorated both homes using pieces from her own business, One Kings Lane, a high-end home furnishings website.

According to what Zillow's heard, the Pincus family never lived in the $8.95 million dream house due to scares from Vera Svenchina. A former stripper-turned-amateur filmmaker, the Russian women reportedly threatened Pincus and his family, driving the CEO behind CityVille to file for a restraining order. For what it's worth, enjoy the depressingly beautiful eye candy right here.

[Via SFist]

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