The Sims Social Ebenezer Smooge Walkthrough: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Victorian Elegance Week
The Sims Social Victorian Elegance Week

This week in The Sims Social, we celebrate how the holidays used to be in the good old days. Playfish has pushed the Victorian Elegance update to its hit Facebook game, and along with a number of of new decorations and outfits, a new quest has arrived. In "Ebenezer Smooge," you must help your Sim help a ghost warm the heart of Ebenezer Smooge, one curmudgeon of a Sim.

To succeed in this quest of six steps, you'll need at least six neighbors, 850 Simoleons, five Fury and eight Goodwill. Not too shabby for a six-part quest. However, you only have one week to complete it, so let's get right into how you can complete "Ebenezer Smooge" as quickly as possible:

Ebenezer Smooge 1
Ebenezer Smooge 1

Ebenezer Smooge 1

  • Have an item from the Victorian Elegance Theme

  • Yell 'Bah Humbug at 2 Sims

  • Have 5 Fury

To pick up an item from the Victorian Elegance theme, hit the Shop button and buy anything with the "New" label. Visit two of your friends' houses, click on them and select the "Bah Humbug" option. Fury is most easily found by being mean to friends or playing guitar.

Ebenezer Smooge 2
Ebenezer Smooge 2

Ebenezer Smooge 2

  • Write 3 Love Letters

  • Try to kiss 3 Sims

  • Read 3 Rejection Letters

To write three love letters, just choose the option on your Sim's home computer. Then, try and kiss three of your neighbors by visiting them, clicking on their Sims and choosing the option "Try to Kiss." (Protip: The attempts don't have to be successful.) Once you're done trying to kiss friends, check your mailbox for those rejection letters.

Ebenezer Smooge 3
Ebenezer Smooge 3

Ebenezer Smooge 3

  • Ask friends if they're going to be holding any parties over the holiday period

  • Check Email for new invitations

  • Go to bed alone

Asking friends if they're going to parties is as simple is clicking the option in the quest window. However, you will have to wait for responses from your friends through the Facebook Wall. To check for new email invitations, just choose the option on your Sim's computer. Going to be alone should be simple enough: Click the bed and choose "Sleep".

Bernard the Dog
Bernard the Dog

Ebenezer Smooge 4

  • Check Voice Mail and find if you had no calls

  • Repair or Clean 3 items in your home

  • Read the Obituaries

To check voice mail, just choose the option on your Sim's phone three times. If you have no broken or dirty appliances in your house, you'll have to keep using them in order to fix them. Finally, to read the obituaries, you must use your Sim's computer and the special option.

Ebenezer Smooge 5

  • Become Inspired

  • Have one clothe from this week new rang

  • Give 5 Sims a festive hug

To become Inspired, your Sim must have the max level in all of its basic needs, including Social. The cheapest clothing item from the new Victorian Elegance theme is the Jinx Turkey Hat for 300 Social Points. In order to give your friends a Festive Hug, you must be wearing the special new piece of clothing.

Ebenezer Smooge 6

  • Have 6 Goodwill

  • Give 6 Sims a Holiday Gift

  • Play holiday songs on instruments 5 times

Goodwill is most easily found by doing helpful or nice things for friends while visiting or by making beds, both yours and friends. The gift giving will become a new option when interacting with friends. To play holiday songs, you must do it on your own instruments at home. With that, you've successfully discovered why Smooge is so grouchy, and turned him around. Your reward for all of this is Bernard the Dog, a toy.

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