Go fish with Yeti Zombie for a free iPad 2 and cool PopCap swag

PopCap Games has some of the best gaming merchandise around. Its most exclusive stuff are usually put up at charity auctions. But right now, the company is promising fans the chance at over six hundred prizes over the next four weeks, offering everything from figurines to t-shirts to plushies, and even PopCap.com games. But we know most folks are just drooling over the chance at an iPad 2. So how do we get it?

For starters, you'd need to 'like' PopCap's page, followed by allowing the PopCap Prize Plunger Instant Win Game to your Facebook account. This "Game" takes you ice fishing with Yeti Zombie (of Plants vs Zombies fame), but honestly, it's got all the sophistication of a scratch-and-match lotto ticket.

You'll find Yeti Zombie standing in the middle of four ice holes. Click on any of those holes and Yeti Zombie will randomly suck out something from them with his plunger. If you get lucky, you should find one of this week's prize offerings: an iPad 2, one of fifty Conehead Zombie figures, or one of a hundred Zuma's Revenge! downloads for PC or Mac.

If you're not lucky, the game will tell you you're "ALL FISHED OUT" and when you can return for another round of fishing. Those who played today should get a sign telling them to come back next Tuesday, December 20th.

Did you get lucky with the Yeti? What prizes are you after? And what do you think of PopCap's so-called 'game'? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment

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