Pocket God: The Runs scurries to (the loo?) iPhone, iPad this spring

Pocket God The Runs
We're thinking that the pygmies of Pocket God might have more a personal problem this spring. San Francisco-based Bolt Creative announced that its net major release in its acclaimed Pocket God series will be almost a completely different game. Titled Pocket God: The Runs, this relatively fresh take on the franchise will turn the iconic game into an endless runner.

No clue what an "endless runner" is? Do us a favor and go play something like Canabalt or Halfbrick's new Jetpack Joyride, then come back and finish reading this. The team at Bolt Creative have essentially taken the mini game featured in Episode 32 of Pocket God and fleshed it out into a completely new game. And based on these early screen shots, it looks like quite a lot is in the works to give players their money's worth come spring 2012.
Pocket God The Runs in action
"Over the past few years we have explored many different ways to annihilate those poor little islanders, many of the suggestions coming from our own community of devoted followers, and the original The Runs mini game was definitely one of the more entertaining ways to dispatch Pygmies, " Bolt Creative co-founder Dave Castelnuovo said in a release. "As anticipated, The Runs proved to be quite popular and we really felt that it deserved to become its own full featured game, we're not releasing all the details on it yet but be assured that it'll fit nicely within the Pocket God universe."

Players--or pygmies--will have to run across 13 different tropical landscapes to gather the shards of an idol that will restore their immortality. Based on the creator's love of killing these little guys and gals, you can probably expect plenty of fun ways to send them on their way to pygmy purgatory. (Maybe you can break the record of 129,770,223 pygmies killed in a year.) Pocket God: The Runs hits iPhone and iPad this spring.

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