Plants vs Zombies says 'I, Zombie' in festive holiday update for iPhone

Plants vs Zombies Christmas
Plants vs Zombies Christmas

The characters of Plants vs Zombies (PvZ) have basically become the unofficial mascots for PopCap. So, it's only fitting that the developer throws festive hats on their heads in time for the holidays. PopCap has updated PvZ on iPhone in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, what have you and has included way more than just a few hats and some Christmas cheer.

In addition to all the zombies in the game looking rather festive, the beloved "I, Zombie" mode is now playable on iPhone. This play mode allows players to try the game from the zombies' side, attempting to use every zombie in the book to take over that single home's backyard. The "I, Zombie" has one free level to start, but eight additional levels and an endless mode are available through an in-game purchase at Crazy Dave's Shop.

The "I, Zombie" mode has been available on most version of PvZ for some time, so PopCap expects it to be a welcome addition to the iPhone variety. This update finally brings leaderboard support through Game Center along with four new achievements for players to brag about share with their friends. Now, all we need a holiday video to top PopCap's Halloween romp, and the holidays will have been sufficiently rung in. Well, that long-rumored Facebook version would rock, too.

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