Pioneer Trail Magic of Winter Collection: Everything you need to know

A new collection of limited edition, exclusive items has launched in Pioneer Trail this week, continuing in the game's celebration of winter. This collection is a bit different from those previously released in the game however, as it will require you to spend far more Horseshoes than in the past. In addition, this collection of items features an incredibly expensive Horse that your avatar can ride, but whether or not it will be worth the high price will be up to you.

This collection features the following items, for a grand total of 315 Horseshoes:

  • Snow Crystal x10 - 20 Horseshoes

  • Snow Cloud - 40 Horseshoes

  • Ice Crystal Horse - 175 Horseshoes

  • Ice Crystal Tree - 30 Horseshoes

  • Icy Duck - 50 Horseshoes

The Snow Crystal is a crop that requires just this 20 Horseshoe investment, regardless of how many individual squares you'd eventually like to plant. That is, once you unlock it with Horseshoes, you'll be able to plant more squares for 5,700 coins each (for a return of 6,500 coins after their five-hour growth time).

If you purchase all five of these items, you'll finish the Magic of Winter collection, giving you 400 XP and the Winter Fireflies item as your free bonuses. Again, this entire collection requires 315 Horseshoes to complete, so don't feel pressured to purchase all of them (or any of them, really). Just keep in mind that these items are only going to be around for a limited time, so if you're at all interested in adding them to your Homestead, the time to do so is now.

Will you purchase any of the items in the Magic of Winter collection? Sound off in the comments.