Pioneer Trail's Level Cap hits 200; new items available along the way

The title pretty much says it all, right? Even though Pioneer Trail may have fallen off considerably (in terms of its user-base) over the past few months, if you're a dedicated veteran that wants more room to grow, you'll be happy to know that the game's level cap has been boosted to 200.

As further incentive to keep climbing higher and higher, you'll unlock new rewards as you continue to level up into this new territory. Here's a complete look at the rewards you'll be able to earn (including items you'll simply unlock for purchase in the store) straight from Zynga itself.

  • Level 155: 4 Hour Double Mastery, 3 Cookies

  • Level 160: Kumquat Tree unlocked in the store, 3 Cookies

  • Level 165: 12 Hour Double Mastery, 3 Cookies

  • Level 170: California Poppy unlocked in the store, 3 Cookies

  • Level 175: 2 Animal Ready Boosts, 2 Animal Harvest Boosts and 2 Molten Cakes

  • Level 180: Tulip Popular unlocked in the store, 2 Molten Cakes

  • Level 185: 24 Hour Double Mastery, 2 Molten Cakes

  • Level 190: Musk Ox unlocked in the store, 1 Crazy Cake

  • Level 195: 10 Super Orchids, 10 Super Strawberries, 10 Super Wheat, 10 Super Grapes, 10 Super Corn and 1 Crazy Cake

  • Level 200: Irish Deer unlocked in the store, 1

As a quite note, if you've already gained enough experience points past Level 150 that you should be higher, you will receive one free Horseshoe per level, as the game will automatically give you the boost to your proper level. For instance, if you were Level 150, but had enough experience points to be Level 155 with this new expansion, you'll receive five free Horseshoes the next time you login to the game, and will see your new level reflected accordingly.

If you'd rather not wait to unlock these items in the store, you will eventually be allowed to pay (a lot of) Horseshoes to unlock them early. Either way, once they're unlocked in your game, they will cost coins to purchase, and each comes with some fairly nice stats. For instance, a single plot of California Poppy gives off (by default) 20 XP and 52,500 coins when harvested! Hopefully, we'll see the level cap continue to climb higher, with more items released along the way. If that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

What level are you in Pioneer Trail? Are you high enough to receive any of these boosts the next time you login, or had you yet to reach Level 150 before this increase? Sound off in the comments.