Look And Feel Good Series: See 'Spots' Run

sun spots on skinIn the competitive world of job hunting, how we present ourselves can manifest into landing the job – or not. And if you're over 40, my expert tips have proven that you don't have to go under the knife, to look younger, and feel better. Now it's a well known fact that a bright and even complexion is synonymous with youthfulness. So if you're challenged with an uneven skin tone, sun spots, or dark hyper-pigmented patches, you're going to love my cost-effective "Age-Spot Fader" recipe, taken from my doctor-recommended book, "Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue."

In fact, whenever I whip up this beauty recipe on TV news shows, countless emails come pouring in and the phones ring "off the hook"! Several individuals report that they achieve remarkable results after just 18 days use. In fact, one of my readers was so delighted with her results, she sent me before and after photos! See her un-retouched photos at Hollywood Beauty Secrets at the bottom of the LED Light Therapy page.

Louisa's Age-Spot Fader Recipe

Combine 1 tbsp. FRESH lemon juice with 2 tbsp. witch hazel. Using a cotton swab, spot-dab the mixture onto pigmented areas and leave on overnight. Then apply night moisturizer overtop. Do this for 18 nights or until spots have faded.

NOTE: Keep refrigerated up to four days, then discard, and make a fresh batch.

Sun Damage Facts You Need to Know
  • The sun is responsible for 75% of wrinkles on the face, and age spots on the hands, and chest area.

  • Skin damage can begin after just ONE minute of sun exposure!

  • On a cloudy day, over 80% of damaging UV rays can penetrate through the ozone layer and clouds.

  • To prevent uneven pigmentation and age spots, be sure to exfoliate skin two to three times a week. See my DIY exfoliating tip here.

  • Apply a 30 SPF sunscreen religiously – rain or shine. I've noted an excellent, sun screen choice below.

How Does Sun Screen Help Prevent Age Spots?

Effective sunscreen creates a barrier that causes sunlight to refract (reflect away) from skin, preventing sun spots and UV rays from aging the skin. For the best protection, choose a 30 SPF sunscreen such as C-30 Moisturizer (with Parsol® & antioxidants). It's a sun screen and moisturizer in one for under $30. It's perfect under any make-up, for ALL skin types – from dry or mature skin to teenage oily skin, keeps skin hydrated, won't clog pores, prevents breakouts, is non-greasy, does NOT leave a white film, and contains Vitamin C, Green Tea, and COQ10 antioxidants! It's amazing. You can find this and other cost-effective beauty and age-proofing products at Hollywood Beauty Secrets. If you note AOL Jobs/See Spot Run in the "comments" box with any order, you'll receive my popular book, "Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue" as a complimentary gift.

Now go out there and land that job!

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