FarmVille: Winter Wonderland land expansions on sale

Plus, one expansion is even available for coins! If you're like me and have started placing new trees, animals and buildings on your Winter Wonderland farm in FarmVille, you might quickly be running out of land space. If you don't want to purchase land expansions with Farm Cash, you can now at least expand your farm to the 14x14 Chilly Garden level for coins. Some other Winter Wonderland expansions have had their Farm Cash prices cut down as well.

First things first, the Chilly Garden expansion now costs 750,000 coins to purchase. If you'd rather spend Farm Cash, you can pick it up for 20 Farm Cash, down from the original 30 Farm Cash price. Likewise, the 16x16, 22x22, 24x24 and 26x26 land expansions are also on sale, ranging in price from 30 to 105 Farm Cash (the original price range was 40 Farm Cash to 120 Farm Cash. Oddly enough, there are plenty of expansions in the middle that haven't been put on sale, but if you're in the expanding frame of mind this week, you'll at least have some cheaper options as you go along.

Even if you just purchase the coin expansion, keep in mind that you'll also unlock access to two Snow Treasures in the process, one small and one Extra Large.

As one final note, you'll need to purchase these land expansions quickly, as it looks like these sale prices will only be available for 24 hours - we'll call them a lightning deal. Still, with the first of the farm's land expansions now being available for coins, it's only a matter of time before further expansions follow suit and we'll make sure to let you know when that happens.

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Will you purchase any of these Farm Cash expansions since they're on sale, or will you only upgrade to the coin land expansion? Sound off in the comments.