FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Holiday Chocolate Tree, Santa Kangaroo and more

Even though Christmas is right around the corner, don't think that the folks at Zynga are taking any time off. Well, they might be, but that hasn't stopped them from releasing even more items into the Winter Holiday item theme this in FarmVille evening. To be specific, there are new trees, animals and more available to purchase, and while you are more than welcome to place these items on your Winter Wonderland farm, you can also place them on other farms (however, if there's no storage transfer between them, the item will become "stuck" there). Here's a complete look at what is now available to purchase.


Holiday Chocolate Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Holiday Chocolate Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Spiral Crystal Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Spiral Crystal Tree - 14 Farm Cash

Yet again, we see two sets of trees being released, with only the smaller versions actually being worth a purchase if you're a tree farmer / mastery sign collector. The giant versions of both trees can (and most likely will) be earned through Mystery Seedlings either obtained on your own farm, or those claimed from your friends' wall posts.


Spotted Great Dane - 2 million coins
Elf Lemur - 10 Farm Cash
Santa Kangaroo - 12 Farm Cash
Big Santa Kangaroo - 12 Farm Cash (on sale from 14)
Holiday Wreath Duck - 12 Farm Cash (on sale from 16)
Holiday Top Hat Cow - 18 Farm Cash (on sale from 20)
Valentine Pony - 26 Farm Cash
Wreath Horse - 22 Farm Cash (on sale from 26)
Hanoverian Horse - 28 Farm Cash
Snow Stallion - 30 Farm Cash

Here, there are quite a few re-released items, and even one from Valentine's Day that seems like an incredibly odd addition to the theme. Also, some of these animals are on sale temporarily, so if you're an animal collector, make sure to pick them up at the discounted price.


Holiday Mansion - 16 Farm Cash (on sale from 20)


Holiday Coach - 10 Farm Cash
Snowy Swan Pond - 12 Farm Cash
Snowman Tower - 100,000 coins
Mini Train Set - 25 Farm Cash
Winter Carriage - 20 Farm Cash
Mrs. Claus Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Gingerbread Arch - 5 Farm Cash
Stockings Arch - 5 Farm Cash
Winter Station - 20 Farm Cash

Here, some of these items will be available for the next 13 days, while others will be around for 16 days. You'll just need to check out the in-store markings to see which ones are more limited.

If you don't want to spend Farm Cash or coins, but still want to get your hands on some exclusive Winter Holiday items, remember to participate in the Holiday Countdown that has launched this week. Happy holidays!

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