FarmVille Pic of the Day: Play four kinds of ball at Nguest1's sports farm

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We haven't seen a sports-themed farm since Famramcas' soccer stadium, but one FarmVille player loves sports so much, he's transformed all four corners of his farm into a playing field. Nguest1 uses hay bales as his artistic tool of choice, using orange, greens, and whites to outline and fill in each of his designs for tennis, basketball, baseball, and American football.

Two of those fields carry dedications to his favorite sports teams -- the basketball field to the west has "Boston Celtics" spelled on it, whereas the American football field to the east has "Charlotte 49ers" spread across each end zone. Northwards sits an anonymous tennis court, whereas southwards is a nameless, gorgeously curved baseball field.

What teams do you think Nguest1 should dedicate his baseball field and tennis court to?
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